Google and html Microformats: a new SEO Element

Eric McGehearty, CEO of Globe Runner SEO, discusses microformats and the effect they are beginning to have on search engine optimization. Microformats are an extended part of HTML markup and can dramatically effect search results. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are now starting to incorporate micro-formatting into their search results. microformats will give you a much larger presence within a search engine as they effect how your search result appears, not just where within search results your business appears. Things such as events, times, and dates are the primary aspects of your business and website that will have micro-formatting and will more easily get you noticed within a search engine and search results!

Hi, it’s Eric McGehearty with Globe Runner SEO and today I just wanted to talk to you about micro formats. Micro formats are part of HTML markup, it’s an extended markup and what that really means is that there is a little extra meta data that can be added to some of the content on your website.
Now here’s what’s really exciting about micro formats: today Google and other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing, but particularly Google are starting to incorporate those into search.
What they are really affecting most is the search results. So, when you, not where you are on the page, but what your results look like is one of the major areas micro formats effect. There are very specific things you can add micro formats to. One of the big ones
is events. So if you have an events with dates and times and places, there are very specific formats that you can add and tag around the dates and times to tell the search engine, hey this is an event, here are the dates and times. And Google is moving more and more toward a time sensitive, real time search.
So, having events that are searchable, that you’re tagging and saying, “Look this event is happening tomorrow,” Google is going to pick that up and display it and say “wow here is an event” and will actually display it in the search result and show the time and the place. There are a couple of other things we can micro format, events are one thing but contact information is another good one that you can add micro formats to. Now, what does that effect? If you address is tagged with micro formats, it says hey search engines, this is an address and phone number. That is going to effect local search. So, if someone is looking for a business locally, and you’ve tagged your address and phone number and shouted out to Google, hey look this is an address and phone number, that’s going to make an impression and make Google more likely to display you as a local search query. A couple of other things to think about, you may have seen that movie times have micro formats and you may see movie times like Fandango underneath it, it might actually list movie times. Menus for restaurants can be tagged up with micro formats, couple of little things like that.
It’s very specific, there are only about a half-dozen to a dozen things you can tag up with micro formats so it’s not all the content on all your pages but if you have this specific type of content, tagging it lets Google know that this is what this content is about and without even going to your website, Google might actually display this information in your search result and giving you a larger presence in the search results page which makes it more likely people will click through or see that content and get what they need from your webpage. So this was Eric with Globe Runner SEO, I hope this post was helpful over micro formats. If you could give us five stars if you are watching this on YouTube and post it to your friends and share it as much as you can, we really appreciate that! Thanks for your feedback, we’d love to read your comments, thanks very much!