Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as much of a singer, many of us still enjoy lip-syncing—especially if you can really lose yourself in the performance! Musical.y is an app for everyone’s “inner diva;” it lets you record lip-syncing performances and share them with other users. It’s an app that’s very popular with women ages 12 to 24—and the makers have recently begun experimenting with allowing companies to advertise on the platform.

In today’s video, we’ll discuss Musical.y and the possibilities it may hold in the future for those of us in the marketing ‘biz. Right now, it’s only “heavy hitters” like Disney that are running ads; the feature is still pretty experimental. But you’d be wise to keep your eye on it, especially if you sell a product or service that’s aimed at that “Women Under 24” demographic. Part of being in marketing is staying on top of trends, so it’s important to keep your eye out for cutting-edge ways to reach your target audience. And a year from now, Musical.y could become a real, genuinely viable platform for marketers. That’s music to our ears!