Now You Can Share and Schedule Content on Klout

Klout, the site that measures your social media influence, now allows you to share content directly from their site. After you’ve connected your site with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and a host of other social media sites, you can use Klout to share content on Klout and on those other connected accounts.

Klout Content Sharing

When you log into your Klout account, you will see something like what I see above. In fact, they take your main categories and show you the hottest posts in those categories. I like the fact that you see what you are interested in and what you’re influential in, so that’s good.

You’re encouraged to share what they’re showing. But it’s kind of confusing how to actually share your own content or someone else’s content. I like sharing my own blog posts and my client’ blog posts as well as just other social content that I like. So, to do that, you have to click the icon at the top right of the page:

Once you click that icon, which is actually a little hidden, you will see this:

It’s important to add a comment and then the actual URL, which will then be included with the content that you share. What’s cool, though, is that you can either share it right away (I connected my Twitter account to share it) or you can schedule it for a future date and time. This is very helpful.

Notice below that I didn’t include a note or comment when I shared the first two URLs here. But, the third time, I finally “got it” and included a comment that then showed up in my Twitter share.

From now on, I think I’m going to continue to use this Klout sharing feature, especially since I have connected all of my social media accounts that I care about and use to share on a regular basis. I do like that they’ve included a way to schedule your content sharing. Let’s just see how much my sharing here influences my Klout score. I suppose that if they have more data about your sharing activities, they’ll be able to calculate your score better? We’ll see.

From an SEO perspective, I am somewhat concerned at how Klout has set up this whole sharing experience, though. Obviously, someone who has no SEO experience coded this feature. I have difficulty understanding exactly why Klout would use a 301 Temporary Redirect with their tiny URL service, and why they are not using a 301 Permanent Redirect. While the links that are included on Twitter end up being ‘nofollow’ links (see the screen capture above for sample URLs on Twitter), it turns out that technically speaking, these are 302 redirects and not 301 redirects. Take a look at Kout’s tiny URLs that are shared through their new content sharing feature:


End of Header (Length = 481)
• Elapsed time so far: 1 seconds
• Waiting for additional response until connection closes...
Total bytes received = 628
Elapsed time so far: 1 seconds
Content (Length = 147):

From a search engine optimization perspective, SEOs would prefer that these be 301 redirects so the URLs that are shared can get indexed. This makes a difference as to whether or not I will continue to share content through Klout or share it, for example, by going directly to Twitter and other social sites. I prefer to go to Twitter and share the full URL rather than using a tiny URL service, such as this one.

Klout, please make this a 301 redirect!

Bill Hartzer is Globe Runner’s Senior SEO Strategist. Connect with him on Google+ or on Twitter as Bhartzer.