Our Best Blog Posts of 2015

popular posts 2015

Here we are, winding down the end of the year 2015. I decided to take a look back at Globe Runner’s 2015 blog posts, and see which blog posts got the most traffic during 2015. Which blog posts have received the most page views? Let’s take a look at how we did.

Matt Cutts Joins Globe Runner
This post, by far, was the most popular, bringing in over 31,000 page views, although it was a lot more than that (we had so many people trying to view that post all at once that the server went down a few times). This was Globe Runner’s April Fool’s joke for 2015. I believe it was so popular because Matt has been such a strong part of the webmaster community, the face of Google for so many. I, like a lot of people, really have been wondering about what Matt is doing and what he’s going to do, so when Globe Runner appeared to answer that question, many people believed it. Well, April Fool’s it was, more people were “fooled” than we expected. I can’t wait to reveal what we have planned for next year’s April Fool’s!

Top 100 Tech Influencers on Twitter
This post was actually from 2014, but it continues to be our most popular blog post ever, right after our April 2015 April Fool’s post about Matt Cutts. What makes this particular post popular is that the influencers listed keep sharing the post, boasting that they’re on the list. If you ever write a blog post, I can tell you that if you include influencers in the post they will share it on social. There’s nothing like stroking someone’s ego and telling them how influential they are.

Search Engine Marketing Study: .COM vs New gTLDs
Our next popular post has been the various studies that we’ve done around the new gTLD domain names. We’ve been curious to see whether or not the new gTLD domain names are good for marketing, and we seem to have found the answer after various updates.

Customizable Content Calendar for 2016
Finally, another post that has been very popular for us is our customizable content calendar for 2016. We put together a content calendar that allows content producers to view the entire year at a glance and plan content as far ahead as possible.

Those are only a few of our popular posts of 2015, the ones that are worth noting that have brought us lots of traffic and page views. I personally am looking forward to 2016, when I can come up with even more likeable, shareable posts.