Podcasts: NPR

Are you a fan of podcasts? In recent years, streaming audio has surged in popularity, giving traditional, “terrestrial” radio a serious run for its money. Still, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Some media firms produce content for both podcasts and terrestrial radio stations. NPR is one such company; folks who enjoy the popular shows “Radiolab” and “This American Life” can choose to access new episodes through either traditional radio or the internet.

In this video, we discuss NPR’s recent acquisition of the streaming app Pocket Casts. Pocket Casts is an app that allows users to organize and listen to their favorite podcasts, so NPR’s interest in it is a complete no-brainer. To them, it’s just another way to reach even more listeners. We’ll also briefly touch on the nature of podcasts and the role they play in an evolving media landscape. Overall, podcasts tend to be easy to produce and easy to share, making them accessible to a large audience. Pair that with the substantial range of subject that podcasts cover—from true crime to human interest to even fictional dramas—and there’s a podcast out there for practically every person!

While we don’t think that podcasts and other forms of streaming audio will completely replace traditional radio anytime soon, it’s definitely an industry worth keeping an eye on.