Social Media Analytics- Coming to Globe Runner!

Since the rise of social media for businesses, people have been trying to quantify it. How do we measure engagement? What’s the ROI on building communities? How can we justify paying these interns to use Facebook?

I know in jobs past I have had to analyze my clients’ social media engagement figures by hand, poring through their Facebook fans and Twitter followers, combing through to see how many joined, how many left, who clicked through, et cetera. It just made me want to tear out my hair; it was inefficient, tedious, and, the worst part, it isn’t a scalable solution. You can’t have happy clients and effective campaigns if you spend 30% of the time performing the magic and 70% explaining the trick.

We here at Globe Runner decided we were going to look for a solution for our clients; something that would help measure engagement and quantify ROI for their social media campaigns. We asked our colleagues what they were using for their clients, did a little reading of our own, and when we found Unilyzer we knew we had what we needed. Based out of nearby Frisco, Unilyzer has made measuring social media analytics easy for us, so we can work more efficiently for our clients. They provide insights for us into our clients’ online communities that will help us make more effective choices. Together, we provide the knowledge and wisdom to build your brand and the insights and analysis to make sure your voice is being heard by the right audience. We are excited about moving forward with our clients’ social media campaigns, and we look forward to a bright future working with Unilyzer!