Brand Strategy & Rediscovery

We help you rediscover the values that make your brand unique, and we guide you in highlighting and emphasizing those values in both your internal and customer-facing communications.

We consult with companies who are in, or are approaching, a transition period that somehow affects their brand. This could be a merger or acquisition, the introduction of a new product, entry into a new channel, employee turnover, a change in ownership, a breakdown in the company’s culture, or a realization that the brand has lost its original focus.

As a visionary leader, you have a strong desire to realign your company with the core values by which you found initial success.

Over time, your organization’s brand can start to lose a little of that “magic” that made it so special in the beginning. Product and sales messages take over, overshadowing the core values of the brand – values that your customers still respond to, and the reason they remain loyal.

We work closely and collaboratively with you to rediscover those values and bring them to the forefront of your communications, so you can recapture that magic and reinvigorate your customer relationships.

Our approach to consulting starts with asking questions. When you listen to people talk, you begin to understand their true feelings about a company – how it’s reflected in the brand, their relationship with it, and what they recognize as its core values.

Once everyone else has had a chance to speak, together we develop insights from those conversations that lead us to where the brand is, and where it should ultimately go. We determine what it represents, how it sounds, and can even help with what it looks like. Very rarely is a brand ever “broken.” Oftentimes all that is needed is a little rediscovery to recognize how powerful it really is.

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