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Content is gold.

Customers don’t want to be sold. They want to learn something new, hear about something valuable, get updated on the latest and greatest trends and technology. They want something of value. Globe Runner helps you provide your online visitors with valuable information that piques their interest. Our content marketing services also convince people to pass on that good information, to visit your website, and to become customers. And then we do the job all over again and again, keeping your customers loyal and engaged.


We don’t just create — we research, measure and distribute

The popular perception about content marketing (and why many people call themselves content marketers) is that it’s all about blogging and social media. We beg to differ.

True content marketing involves auditing content — yours and that of your competitors — to see which topics have resonated well with your customers. It involves creating content strategically, determining if blog posts, podcasts, videos or other formats are the best vehicles for executing your objectives. It requires skillful dissemination of key messages, optimized for keywords where applicable, to reach the audience you desire.

Finally, even the most impressive content is useless without consumption. True content marketing entails distribution, from sharing on social media to pitching relevant content to mainstream journalists and bloggers.


And to take our mining allegory one step further …

We’re your train engineers, and the guys who load the ore, and even the ones who mine the gold (check out our beards).The team at Globe Runner helps you create good content, figure out where it will do you the most good, and convey it to that station, so to speak. We deliver the gold. Call Globe Runner at 972.538.0260 or simply enter your information on our contact form and we will reach you as quickly as possible.

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