Making the Leap to Lifestyle Brand

Don’t take it personally. Most brands are having trouble increasing engagement with their pop-ups and online ads. That is, everyone except Lifestyle Brands. Some have even proven they can forego them all together, continue attracting repeat buyers, and circumvent the 83% of consumers who say they would block all ads if they could.

5 Steps to Help Create a Brand Voice Clients can Truly Hear

Say you were to select a new friend simply based on their voice alone. More than the words they said, you’d be looking for someone who sounded approachable and relatable, right? The same is true of business’ brand voice. It’s less about specific words and turns of phrase you use than the tone with which you use to communicate and connect with your audience.

A Voyage in Brand Rediscovery

Say you wanted to travel from New York to Dallas. You wouldn’t hop a plane that didn’t specify a destination in hopes you’d eventually end up in DFW. You’d take considerable effort to ensure you got home as efficiently as possible.

Behind the Scenes: The 9-5 of a GR Creative Director Pt. 2

Sometimes it takes more than one top dog to run a successful creative marketing campaign. Meet Brett Dougall, part two of the dynamic duo of Globe Runner Creative Directors helping launch our clients’ traditional and digital marketing campaigns. He and creative counterpart, Eddie Hale, are largely responsible for the artistic output at our agency. Here’s a brief look at what life’s like behind the director’s desk. About Brett Though he was born in Las Vegas, Brett escaped Sin City and got …

Tuning in to Twitter Live

It’s been almost a year since MGM studios and Twitter joined forces for an immersive New Year’s Eve experience using Twitter Live. In the span of a few hours, the launch segment had garnered an impressive 22 million views and impressions. Since then, the micro-blogging social media site has updated and added to the live streaming feature, reflecting back a cultural craving for immediacy.