Who’ll Run the World? Visuals.

In online spaces, visuals are king. It’s a show not tell world where consumers are all but eschewing words in favor of graphics. Be it videos, photos or emojis, the demand is clear. When communicating marketing messages, best to use visual stories with limited text, if not in lieu it entirely.

5 Ways to Re-fuel Your Brand and Rocket to The Top

Everyone, from fortune 1000 companies like Apple and McDonald’s all the way up to companies in industries like high fructose corn syrup, finds it necessary to revamp from time to time. Even creative agencies like Globe Runner, who recently went through a repositioning of its brand, know when it’s time to make a perceptible shift.

VIDEO: Thought Leadership, Not Just Content Marketing

Hi, this is Eric, CEO of Globe Runner. I want to talk to you today about content marketing – but I’d really like to change the way we talk about content marketing. I have a lot of customers that come in and say ‘shouldn’t I be blogging and doing stuff on social media?’ And the answer is yes, you probably should. But how you do that is important. So, let’s use a different word. Instead of content marketing, let’s call …

Branding: Globe Runner updates brand mark, corporate identity

IN a nod to the times and surging demand for SEO services, Globe Runner unveiled its new logo, part of a branding and corporate identity refreshing exercise that started in May 2014. The new brand was produced by upcoming Texan design shop Steadfast Creative. The rebranding was prompted by unprecedented demand for strategic SEO services, particularly in the booming DFW market. Globe Runner is poised to meet its 2014 revenue targets by the third quarter of the year. The bump in …

Blogging Your Brand: Are You Posting Enough?

Whenever I work with a company who complains that they don’t get enough traffic, my first question is “How often do you post?” Because if it’s not at least once a week, then you’re not posting enough. No one routinely checks websites that never change. If you establish a pattern of new content cropping up every week (more than that is even better), people will learn to check your blog more often, bringing you more traffic. Keep it somewhat unpredictable …