Tuning in to Twitter Live

It’s been almost a year since MGM studios and Twitter joined forces for an immersive New Year’s Eve experience using Twitter Live. In the span of a few hours, the launch segment had garnered an impressive 22 million views and impressions. Since then, the micro-blogging social media site has updated and added to the live streaming feature, reflecting back a cultural craving for immediacy.

How To Go About Doing Keyword Research

by Alicia Kan Everyone always asks a digital agency about their keyword research process. The truth is that there are as many techniques as there are ways to take your coffee: Literally hundreds, and no way is right or wrong. At Globe Runner, we’ve got a keyword research framework that everyone has customized with their favorite tools and resources. Use it to build your own process for your own purposes, and keep it flexible enough to accommodate any new keyword research developments that come along. Why conduct keyword research …