How to Gain Customer Attention with a Business YouTube Channel

One billion hours. That’s how long we collectively spend consuming content on YouTube every day. The only statistic that rivals it? The 1.8 billion total monthly users that login to watch – that’s a quarter of the world’s entire population! What’s more, when it comes to reaching 18-49-year-olds, YouTube outpaces every other major cable network in the U.S. and 85% of American teens use it, too.

Podcasts: NPR

Are you a fan of podcasts? In recent years, streaming audio has surged in popularity, giving traditional, “terrestrial” radio a serious run for its money. Still, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Some media firms produce content for both podcasts and terrestrial radio stations. NPR is one such company; folks who enjoy the popular shows “Radiolab” and “This American Life” can choose to access new episodes through either traditional radio or the internet. In this video, we discuss NPR’s recent acquisition …

How Small Businesses Can Create Big Time Video Content

No matter how shoestring your marketing budget, you can’t afford to not invest in video marketing. Videos are highly shareable pieces of content that capture customers and encourage them to engage with your brand. In fact, marketers frequently report higher conversion rates and increased CTRs when video is used for email and social media marketing purposes.

Who’ll Run the World? Visuals.

In online spaces, visuals are king. It’s a show not tell world where consumers are all but eschewing words in favor of graphics. Be it videos, photos or emojis, the demand is clear. When communicating marketing messages, best to use visual stories with limited text, if not in lieu it entirely.

How To Implement Schema Into Your Content

If you’re looking for a new technique to enhance your SEO, Schema is a powerful tool to boost your search engine result pages, also referred to as (SERPs). Not too many people use Schema, but it’s something that most people see and interact with on a daily basis. Why Is It Important? Not only does Schema enhance your general search engine results, and the way that they are displayed to users, but they can improve your click through rates on your …

VIDEO: Thought Leadership, Not Just Content Marketing

Hi, this is Eric, CEO of Globe Runner. I want to talk to you today about content marketing – but I’d really like to change the way we talk about content marketing. I have a lot of customers that come in and say ‘shouldn’t I be blogging and doing stuff on social media?’ And the answer is yes, you probably should. But how you do that is important. So, let’s use a different word. Instead of content marketing, let’s call …