The Wish App

These days, many e-commerce websites promise fast shipping on orders if a buyer is willing to spend a certain amount of money. But what if a company took the opposite approach? Would you be willing to wait a little longer to receive a product if it meant paying a lower price for the item? Would you be willing to wait a SUBSTANTIAL amount of time if it meant getting a SIGNIFICANT bargain? In today’s video, we’ll discuss the Wish app. …

Google Tag Manager for Beginners

Whether you’re an SEO specialist or digital marketing manager, you know that online campaigns are measured by one thing: results. But without sufficient data, you’re essentially running them blind. Google Analytics illuminates some key insights. Still, it alone can leave businesses with blind spots. Tagging in some help from Google Tag Manager (GTM) broadens your view, giving you a fuller picture of how users are interacting with your site.

A Voyage in Brand Rediscovery

Say you wanted to travel from New York to Dallas. You wouldn’t hop a plane that didn’t specify a destination in hopes you’d eventually end up in DFW. You’d take considerable effort to ensure you got home as efficiently as possible.

Tuning in to Twitter Live

It’s been almost a year since MGM studios and Twitter joined forces for an immersive New Year’s Eve experience using Twitter Live. In the span of a few hours, the launch segment had garnered an impressive 22 million views and impressions. Since then, the micro-blogging social media site has updated and added to the live streaming feature, reflecting back a cultural craving for immediacy.