Social Media Changes You Need to Act on NOW

There’s no such thing as a static social media platform. Like most of the internet, social sites and the algorithms that power them are continuously being updated. Sometimes the changes are sweeping and make our lives easier. Other times they’re hardly noticeable at all, but can still have a huge impact on your social media marketing strategy.

Filter Bubble

By and large, most folks enjoy feeling special. We want to be catered to, and we like to have unique, one-of-a-kind interactions with others. Many shopping and social media platforms have picked up on this phenomenon and have designed their websites and apps to give their users a “personalized experience.” By analyzing your browsing history and search queries, groups and businesses can often deduce the kinds of things that you like, dislike, are intrigued by, or scroll past without a …

Insta in App Pay

Have you ever seen a selfie of a friend (or celebrity) on social media and immediately wanted to comment, “Where did you get that shirt?” Or noticed a single knick-knack in a composed lifestyle shot and been frustrated when you couldn’t seem to find that one item on the retailer’s website? Or overall just wished that you could tap on a photo of something (anything!) and have the option to ‘add to cart’? If you answered yes to any of …

Tuning in to Twitter Live

It’s been almost a year since MGM studios and Twitter joined forces for an immersive New Year’s Eve experience using Twitter Live. In the span of a few hours, the launch segment had garnered an impressive 22 million views and impressions. Since then, the micro-blogging social media site has updated and added to the live streaming feature, reflecting back a cultural craving for immediacy.