Video: A/B Testing

I want to talk to you today about A/B Testing and always keeping your website up-to-date. So, when we look at web design, I have a lot of clients that, in the past, have not really messed with their website much for maybe a few years. They have it designed, they spent a lot of money with an agency, and then leave it alone for two, three, or maybe more, maybe 5, 6 years, and they really don’t significantly change …

User Agent Switcher List

Optimizing for mobile devices requires you to be able to test your website against different user agents. A “User agent” is a piece of metadata that describes browser or device that it’s being rendered or viewed upon. It’s a string of text that allows the server/client to figure out what browser, mobile device you are using. Being able to manually switch is very important to allow testing and user agent detection.