The Globe Runner Scholarship Program

What Is It?

One of our core values is a concept called “conscious capitalism.” What that means is at Globe Runner, we try to create value beyond a profit or a bottom line. More than money, our endeavor is to benefit our stakeholders, our customers and our community. One of the best ways to create value in the community is to empower young people to pursue studies in their field of choice (although we’d prefer you pick marketing) and help maintain an educated society. As part of that effort, Globe Runner is thrilled to announce its first annual scholarship for college students.

In the spirit of creating value, however, we’re not just giving out money. Prospective scholarship recipients will submit originally produced articles for the Globe Runner blog, and the best content will be rewarded. Articles must pertain to Marketing, Information Technology or Business Administration. Off-topic articles will not be considered.

Who Is It For?

Currently, we’re making our scholarship available to students enrolled in a 4-year program at a university, and to college-bound graduating high school seniors in the United States. To successfully enter, students must provide proof of enrollment in their respective university or high school.   Students are not required to be enrolled in a marketing or advertising program to apply.

How Does It Work?

On March 1 2017, Globe Runner will begin accepting submissions via the contact form below. Students will then have until May 1, 2018 to submit articles. Based on the volume of submissions, Globe Runner will spend the next 60 days or so posting relevant submissions to our blog, two a day everyday until we run out of articles. 45 days after the last two articles are posted, Globe Runner will announce the winners.

Winners will be selected based on the amount of organic traffic driven to their post. Whoever receives the most traffic to their post wins. Simple as that. From the time their article is posted, students will have 30 days to drum up interest to their article, post links to social media, and use whatever legitimate means possible to market their work. At the end of the 30 days, Globe Runner will log their traffic. The first and second place winners are based purely on traffic. Third place, or the honorable mention, will be selected by Globe Runner staff based on the creativity employed in either the content of the article or in the methods used by the student to market the article.

Note: Only one entry per student will be accepted. Deliberate attempts to submit multiple entries will result in an automatic disqualification. Globe Runner retains the right to refuse the scholarship to applicants based on our standards. 

3rd Prize



1st Prize



2nd Prize



What You Will Do

i-love-you-01Students will submit originally produced articles on a topic related to Marketing, Information Technology or Business Administration. In addition to the article, students will include an image related to the post (either taken by the author or an image the author has permission to use), an author bio and a headshot.

Once your article is posted, Globe Runner will contact you with a link that you can share on social media to encourage traffic in your direction.

What You Won’t Do

dislike-01Globe Runner will automatically disqualify students that plagiarize content, attempt to game traffic to their posting via illicit means or use a copyright-protected image without proof of purchase or permission from the photographer.