The Wish App

These days, many e-commerce websites promise fast shipping on orders if a buyer is willing to spend a certain amount of money. But what if a company took the opposite approach? Would you be willing to wait a little longer to receive a product if it meant paying a lower price for the item? Would you be willing to wait a SUBSTANTIAL amount of time if it meant getting a SIGNIFICANT bargain?

In today’s video, we’ll discuss the Wish app. Wish is an online shopping platform where folks can find an enormous variety of goods at a massive discount. We’re talking $5 for an item that would normally sell for closer to $100, here! However, these bargain-basement prices come with a few sacrifices. The first is that the items are generally not name brand. Another is that most of the sellers are overseas. And, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, shipping is typically slow. In some cases, you’ll need to wait a month (or more) between when you place your order and when it arrives on your doorstep.

If you haven’t yet seen online advertisements or chatter related to Wish, that may change very soon. The company has invested $100 million in advertising on Facebook. It would seem that Wish is trying hard to build a user base and court new customers. Who knows? Maybe their bold strategy will pay off and make them a household name!