Top 100 Tech Influencers on Twitter for 2014

Business Insider has released their list of the top 100 most influential tech people who are on Twitter. This is the updated list for 2014. There are some surprises, as it’s interesting to see several people from the search industry make the list this year.


For example, Rand Fishkin @randfish comes in #73, while Matt Cutts @mattcutts came in 32nd in the list. Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan beat out @mattcutts and Danny is 22nd on the list.

100. Rupert Murdoch Handle: @rupertmurdoch
99. Zeynep Tufekci Handle: @zeynep
98. Hilary Mason Handle: @hmason
97. Jim Dalrymple Handle: @jdalrymple
96. Keith Rabois Handle: @rabois
95. Bill Gurley Handle: @bgurley
94. Kontra Handle: @counternotions
93. Evelyn Rusli Handle: @EvelynRusli
92. Jeff Weiner Handle: @jeffweiner
91. Emily Chang Handle: @emilychangtv
90. Tristan Walker Handle: @tristanwalker
89. Kathy Sierra Handle: @seriouspony
88. Brooke Hammerling Handle: @brooke
87. Rafat Ali Handle: @rafat
86. Gabe Rivera Handle: @gaberivera
85. Baratunde Thurston Handle: @baratunde
84. Ben Bajarin Handle: @benbajarin
83. Rory Cellan-Jones Handle: @BBCRoryCJ
82. Mat Honan Handle: @mat
81. Alexia Tsotsis Handle: @alexia
80. Sarah Lacy Handle: @sarahcuda
79. Dennis Crowley Handle: @dens
78. Dan Primack Handle: @danprimack
77. Joanna Stern @joannastern Handle: @joannastern
76. Steve Silberman Handle: @stevesilberman
75. Peter Kafka Handle: @pkafka
74. Andy Ihnatko Handle: @Ihnatko
73. Rand Fishkin Handle: @randfish
72. Geoff DeWeaver Handle: @geoff_deweaver
71. Marissa Mayer Handle: @marissamayer
70. Ryan Hoover Handle: @rrhoover
69. Martin Bryant Handle: @MartinSFP
68. Joel Gascoigne Handle: @joelgascoigne
67. Christopher Mims Handle: @mims
66. Nilay Patel Handle: @reckless
65. Christopher Soghoian Handle: @csoghoian
64. Lance Ulanoff Handle: @LanceUlanoff
63. Bill Gross Handle: @Bill_Gross
62. Chris Dixon Handle: @cdixon
61. Ruhani Rabin Handle: @ruhanirabin
60. Bryan Kramer Handle: @bryankramer
59. Joshua Topolsky Handle: @joshuatopolsky
58. Charles Arthur Handle: @charlesarthur
57. Marco Arment Handle: @marcoarment
56. David Pogue Handle: @Pogue
55. Kevin Rose Handle: @kevinrose
54. Steve Case Handle: @SteveCase
53. Chris Sacca Handle: @sacca
52. Jon Russel Handle: @jonrussell
51. Chris Ziegler Handle: @zpower
50. Mike Isaac Handle: @mikeisaac
49. Paul Haddad Handle: @tapbot_paul
48. Mark Gurman Handle: @markgurman
47. Ed Bott Handle: @edbott
46. Horace Dediu Handle: @asymco
45. Mary Jo Foley Handle: @maryjofoley
44. Mike Butcher Handle: @mikebutcher
43. Rene Ritchie Handle: @reneritchie
42. Hiten Shah Handle: @hnshah
41. Marc Benioff Handle: @Benioff
40. Tom Merritt Handle: @acedtect
39. Kim Dotcom Handle: @KimDotcom
38. Brad Feld Handle: @bfeld
37. Loic Le Meur Handle: @loic
36. David Heinemeier Hansson Handle: @DHH
35. Mark Suster Handle: @msuster
34. Chris Pirillo Handle: @ChrisPirillo
33. Fred Wilson Handle: @fredwilson
32. Matt Cutts Handle: @mattcutts
31. Arianna Huffington Handle: @ariannahuff
30. Tom Warren Handle: @tomwarren
29. Alex Wilhelm Handle: @alex
28. Paul Thurrott Handle: @thurrott
27. Farhad Manjoo Handle: @fmanjoo
26. Scott Hanselman Handle: @shanselman
25. Tim Cook Handle: @tim_cook
24. MG Siegler Handle: @parislemon
23. Dave McClure Handle: @davemcclure
22. Danny Sullivan Handle: @dannysullivan
21. Chris Hadfield Handle: @Cmdr_Hadfield
20. Kara Swisher Handle: @karaswisher
19. Tim O’Reily Handle: @timoreilly
18. Hunter Walk Handle: @hunterwalk
17. Paul Graham Handle: @paulg
16. Dave Winer Handle: @davewiner
15. Nick Bilton Handle: @nickbilton
14. Jim Roberts Handle: @nycjim
13. Marc Andreesen Handle: @pmarca
12. Walt Mossberg Handle: @waltmossberg
11. Ezra Klein Handle: @ezraklein
10. Anil Dash Handle: @anildash
9. Bill Gates Handle: @BillGates
8. Benedict Evans Handle: @BenedictEvans
7. Mathew Ingram Handle: @mathewi
6. Elon Musk Handle: @elonmusk
5. Robert Scoble Handle: @Scobleizer
4. Om Malik Handle: @om
3. Aaron Levie Handle: @levie
2. Jeremiah Owyang Handle: @jowyang
1. Jack Dorsey Handle: @jack

For the full list along with commentary about why each person was picked, you can see the list on the Business Insider site:

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