What you Need to Know About your ‘About Us’ Page

Let’s talk about you and…well, you. More specifically, let’s talk about you talking about you.

If that’s getting too meta, stay with us.

By now, you know that having a company website is non-negotiable. So, think of it this way; If your brand were a person, your site would be the clothes it wears. And the about us page, the subject of today’s chat, would be its shoes. The overall outfit would be incomplete and awkward without them, but not all pairs are a fit.


We’ll show you how to write the about us page of your website, complete the look, and step into the world looking irresistible, header to footer.

Why Everyone’s Talking about About Us Pages  

Say you were interviewing for a position, which, in theory, is what your website is: a one-way interview with customers. You wouldn’t spend tons of time and effort carefully picking out your suit, ironing your button down, and meticulously combing your hair only to slap on a pair of flip-flops to complete the outfit. Same goes for the about us page of your website.

Just like sloppy footwear, sloppy copy on your about page can ruin your chances of getting the job.

Though the web design features can create a professional exterior, you still need the goods to back it up and finish your look. Visually appealing web graphics and a good layout won’t do you any good if you’re leading with a poorly written ‘about us’ page that was clearly an afterthought.

Writing your About Page

Be it a potential customer who is piqued by your social media presence, a local journalist who’s covering businesses in your area, or a potential new employee sizing up your company culture; it’s everyone’s go-to page. The place they can mine a wealth of information about who you are.

The important thing is to be ahead of them and in charge of the conversation.

Here are five suggestions to make it a productive one.

  1. Treat it like sales collateral, because it is. Of all the marketing copy you write, this one page is the most central to who you are. It’s also a breeding ground for answers to frequently asked questions that, once addressed, can encourage a connection with your brand. Remember that when a potential customer lands on your about page, they’re considered a captive audience. Or at least they will be the more intentional you are about your big reveal. May we recommend sending your core values to the front?
  2. Show your story – don’t just tell it. Unless you’re writing an open letter format, which certainly works for some businesses, a wall of words might not be the best tactic. Instead, try breaking up the text with emotion-packed marketing Or, better yet, introduce your company with a video. It’s personal. It’s proficient. And it’s the best way to pack a lot of information into just a few frames. In fact, according to McQuivey’s Forrester study, How Video Will Take Over the World, “Video is worth 1.8 million words.” Not sure what to write? Speak from the heart instead.
  3. Put a face to your name. There’s competition in every industry, but there’s only one you. As corny as that may sound, it’s your best, if only way to truly differentiate yourself. Let users see the human beings behind the brand and have your team share a little personality while they’re at it. Even if customers never meet you in person, you can be so personable that they’ll feel like they’ve known you all their lives. And as we’ve seen, the more personalized your website, the higher your CRO – plain and simple.
  4. Share what others are saying. From testimonials and prestigious awards to press clippings, the about page is a great opportunity to share your story through other people’s eyes without cluttering up your home page. It shows the impactful quality of your brand and is an integral part of your story – past and present.
  5. Call them to action. Let your about us page be a hub in the wheel of your website. CTAs can be plentiful and increase the traffic on other pages of your site. Take visitors by the hand and gently lead them to influential social media channels, your company blog, or careers page. You can even bate them to continue their journey by signing up for your email list.

Final words

A brands about us section is likely to be a high traffic page on your site. It’s usually also the first to be visited, but if not done well, it may also be the last.

Having writer’s block or finding it hard to brag on yourself? Let our content experts write an about page for you.