Working from the cloud on snow day | Globe Runner SEO

Eric McGehearty, CEO of Globe Runner SEO, reports straight from Snowpocalypse 2011 in North Texas to discuss the effects of our snow day and the benefits of working “from the cloud.” With rolling blackouts in the area, we were able to stay online using offsite technology and continue to work on projects using live Google Apps to exchange information!

Eric McGehearty: Hi, it’s Eric here with Globe Runner SEO, and I wanted to do an on location shoot today to show you our snow day. So, Dallas Fort Worth is snowed out. Everybody is shut down and staying at home. A few of us braved it to the office today, but mostly, we’re an empty house. But, what’s great is we’re still working. I want to talk today a little bit about connectivity and how, today, we can really work together and be connected, and stay online, and stay working, and productive, even though most of us didn’t show up to the office, except for a few, few brave souls.
So, we do a couple things here at Globe Runner that I think really streamlines our business activities. One, we use Google Apps. That gives me calendar and document sharing, where we can actually work collaboratively on documents through the cloud, all at once.
Another thing, I had a conversation today with a colleague of ours, another business that we work with. They said they’re completely shut down because of some rolling blackouts, or brownouts that we’ve had in the area and their server had to be shut down to protect its information.
Well, at Globe Runner, we focus on having everything in the cloud. So, all of our data and information is still collaboratively available through cloud based applications, but we’re not limited to a server that’s in a specific location. So, there’s thousands of redundant servers that are actually managing our information and keeping that secure, and even if we lose Internet access, most of that information is still available on location in our own environment.
So, I thought I’d come out here in the cold today to talk about how we can keep our businesses running smooth. And I want to mention that any time we do, do a website for one of our clients, or even a client in general, we usually encourage them to move to Google Apps. It’s a service that we offer, just kind of complimentary, as part of our website development service. And man, it’s a wonderful business improvement solution.
So, I look forward to talking to you more. I hope you enjoy your snow day, and stay safe. Thanks so much, it’s Eric with Globe Runner SEO.