Ground Control

This group knows how to get a brand off the ground. With various backgrounds in creative, coding, and managing, our team has what it takes to not only launch a brand, but keep it going.

Eric McGehearty CEO Father of four and our fearless leader.
Gracie Fennessy Director of Operations The Money Maker
Chad Costas President, Creative Division "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
Eddie Hale Bio
Eddie Hale VP Of Big Ideas “Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation.” Max Euwe
Brett Dougall Bio
Brett Dougall Creative Director All right, all right, all right.
Jason Hubsch
Jason Hubsch Lead Web Developer Coder by day, Gamer by night
AJ Dichmann SEO Team Leader
Joseph Hwang PPC Manager Bubble Tea Connoisseur
Stacey Yates Bio
Stacey Yates Account Director Embracing the Chameleon on a Patchwork Quilt
Karina Gonzalez Junior Account Manager "Do it for the gram."
Corey Barnett Online Marketing Specialist Best validated by seeing clients blossom into 'search butterflies' and experience results
Amy Haley Content Strategist "I'll take my coffee with one part brand journalism and two parts marketing, please and thank you."
Cindy Brown Bio
Cindy Brown Copywriter The Mighty Wordsmith
Christine York Content Strategist Live Free or Dye (Your Hair)

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