Facebook TV and The Art of Disruption

Facebook TV and the art of disruption. To me, this is the most fun way to market. To disrupt. To change the game entirely. And Facebook has done that, continues to do that, and announced maybe their most ambitious plan to disrupt yet with the announcement of Facebook TV.

They have said that their OTT, or over-the-top, content platform will be released this year in 2017. Just like Netflix and Hulu, you will be able to enjoy original Facebook content from the comfort of your living room and streaming platform of your choice. Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV will be hardware that carry this new app.

Facebook is bypassing traditional broadcast here, and, quite frankly, that’s the direction that TV is going in, in general. Broadcast in its current form is dying. Streaming is the present and the future.

Facebook is disrupting again by transitioning from a social medium to a streaming content provider. There are others in the marketplace taking note of this and doing the same as well. YouTube has revealed their ambitious plans to create premium content with YouTube Red. Before long, these two services will be competing in the same space as Netflix and Hulu.

Another recent example of disruption that worked tremendously was Google’s introduction of the Android. They decided to disrupt by transitioning from a search company to one that made phones and hardware.

I’ll leave you with this. What can you do, right now, that will disrupt your industry, and potentially others?