Art Exhibition 2016: Alejandro Castanon

Imagine walking into your office and instead of people working at their desks, there was a guy making an amazing, colorful live painting. You would probably think you were dreaming. However, at Globe Runner, we specialize in making dreams a reality.

Globe Runner’s corporate social responsibility project is moonlighting as an art gallery: when we moved to Addison in 2014, our bare walls inspired this idea: Use them as exhibition space for up-and-coming artists in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our CEO, Eric McGehearty, is a professional sculptor which made the idea of Gallery 550 a relevant one for us. So three times a year, we hold exhibitions that are kicked off with an invitation-only cocktail party.

On Thursday, October 13, we are hosting a gallery showing and live painting exhibition, featuring Alejandro Castanon and his artwork.

In addition to his current works, Alejandro will be exhibiting several new original paintings highlighting the city of Dallas. There will be a $10 raffle for a chance to win Alejandro’s live painting of Addison. RSVP here for a night of cocktails, appetizers, music and original pieces of artwork.

About the Artist: Alejandro Castanon

8ad2e8_39dfb4fb4c0242ad8d0d16ffbe4ac6b6Alejandro’s interest in art began at an early age and grew into a passion in his late teens. A self-taught artist he has explored many styles and mediums of art such as realism, abstract and use of graphite and charcoal. After serving eight years in the U.S Air Force as a Civil Engineer and Recruiter he chose to move to San Angelo, TX. In less than a year he opened the Vino Dipinte Art Gallery and began his artist career. During three short years Alejandro completed a bachelor’s degree in e-Marketing and established a firm presence in the local art community. He has been featured as an emerging artist in Visual Language International Art Magazine, and has been published in American Art Collector magazine. His art has been described at “electric”, “vibrant”, and expressive. He continues to explore various themes and insists on not limiting his work to one genre.

Below are some examples of his work: