Globe Runner’s SociaLitmus: First omnibus social media command center focuses on 2014 World Cup

Globe Runner is proud to announce the launch of SociaLitmus, an event-specific omnibus social media command center for the 2014 World Cup organized by FIFA. The command center technology will be provided by MutualMind.

The 2014 World Cup runs from June 12 to July 12, 2014 in Brazil and will be attracting a potential audience of 3.2 billion soccer fans across the world. In a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, survey findings showed that over 100 million Americans plan to follow the World Cup.


What is an omnibus?

Most people think of omnibus as the historical term for the passenger vehicle, but it can mean anything from an anthology of written works to a group of objects.

The common thread is collective benefit, where groups work more efficiently than an individual.

SociaLitmus adopts the same philosophy with its social media command center powered by Mutual Mind.

Like a bus where all passengers pay fares to share a ride, SociaLitmus allows multiple brands to share a social media command center by paying an access fee. The cost is significantly lower than the investment required in building one from the ground up.

And like a bus with a fixed route, SociaLitmus will only run during a specific period: The 2014 World Cup in Brazil from June 12 to July 12.

It will be designed specifically for this event, preloaded with hashtags, event sponsor and partner brands, popular teams, etc. that are relevant to the 2014 World Cup alone.

The benefit for brands: Real-time social media research that is cost-efficient, focused and actionable.

Event- and location-specific = More signal, less noise

SociaLitmus’ 2014 World Cup social media command center will cover only the USA so brands targeting the growing US soccer market will get meaningful, focused results and analysis.

And as it will be preloaded with relevant terms, the hours needed to research and populate a traditional social media command center are effectively eliminated.

For an additional fee, participating SociaLitmus brands can create customized dashboards with their own keywords and hashtags. This ensures privacy for the brand in designing and tracking their social media campaigns.

Beautiful, insightful graphics + downloadable reports

Get real-time visibility on 2014 World Cup social trends, developments and chatter with SociaLitmus’ elegant dashboard. Zero in on and analyze the campaigns and promotions that are getting traction. See what people are talking about online when and where.

For campaign planning, all data can be exported into CSV or Excel.

Cost-effective research = Better ROI

Do any of the below describe your brand?

  • Serious about social and invest in it, maybe even more than or in lieu of traditional
  • Have a distinct social media voice, with a solid following on different platforms
  • Experienced in organizing social media campaigns
  • Looking to build brand and grow sales among US soccer fans
  • Fanatical about ROI
  • Punches above its weight; a challenger brand

Then Globe Runner’s SociaLitmus is for you. For details, costs and other information, get in touch.

Alicia Kan works on social media strategy and branding at Globe Runner. More information about Alicia can be found here.

Photo credit: P.A via photopin cc