Google Changes Name of Google Webmaster Tools to Search Console


Google has changed the name of Google Webmaster Tools to Search Console, announcing the new Webmaster Tools. They have updated Google Webmaster Tools to now include the Search Analytics, but right now the only real change that’s taken place is the name change.

As you log into the Google Webmaster Tools, which is still available by going to, I have a feeling that that URL will soon be removed, and we’ll need to go to the Search Console URL, which Google says is at

My suspicion is that over time, we will be phased out of Google Webmaster Tools, and eventually will be using something different then Google Webmaster Tools. For example, we may be losing some tools that we’re used to using, and we may continue to see other tools that are either more helpful or pretty much useless.

Typically, when we see a name change of a product or service, that comes along with some other major changes, and the name is only a small part of the changes. For what it’s worth, frankly I have been fairly happy in the past with using Google Webmaster Tools, as that’s what it’s intended for: a site’s webmaster to use, and not the typical “business owner” or website owner. There are a lot of business owners that I know who would not feel comfortable with using Google Webmaster Tools, and they generally wouldn’t understand what it all means (nor do they care to use it).

As of this post, though, the only major change that’s happened to Google Webmaster Tools is then name change (and the addition of the Search Analytics tool). Let’s wait and see what other changes happen. I’ll keep you posted.