Google Glass at SMC Dallas

I’ve always been a bit of a gadget girl. I love tech toys. So when Google Glass came out, I read the articles, watched the videos, and “liked” (a bit enviously) the picture a college friend posted on Facebook showing a Google Glass box. I hoped I would somehow get the chance to play with Google Glass. Then last night it happened!

I went to a Social Media Club of Dallas meeting, and there was not one but two guys walking around wearing Google Glass. Within a couple minutes and some awkward please notice me staring moments, one of the guys walked over to the group I was with. I tried really hard to wait an appropriate amount of time and have enough polite conversation before asking with what I hoped was innocent curiosity but probably came out as slightly over-eager, “Aren’t you wearing Google Glass?”

This guy must be used to this or could sense my determination and intense desire to get my hands on his Google Glass because a minute later this was happening:

Glass was surprisingly difficult to use, I’m hoping it was due to all of the noise in the Angelika lobby, but then again, I’m not sure…

It doesn’t seem like my experience was that unique.

That video pretty much sums up my success rate using Glass. I tried to navigate to my house, but since I don’t have an android phone to connect, that was unsuccessful. I couldn’t look up anything due to Glass’ inability to understand my commands. I did, however, inadvertently share a picture to G+.

And the “coolest” thing I tried to do with Glass?
Claire Google Glass













Yes, that’s a selfie of me trying to take a picture of me taking a picture of me. An attempted selfie of a selfie.

Have you tried Google Glass? What did you think? What’s the coolest thing you’ve done with Glass?


Thanks again to the incredibly accommodating @chrisgoulet for the use of his Google Glass and @andyodom7 and @theedcelmer for indulging my need to document every second of my Google Glass experience.