Which Half of Your Marketing is Working?

Have you ever thought to yourself, half of my marketing works just don’t know which half?

It’s a common problem that marketers run into and owners definitely face. Some have tried to conquer that problem and I will say there are a lot of things that can be done to figure out which half of your marketing is working.

I would like to go deep on that topic and figure out what we can do to track marketing better and determine what’s actually effective and what is a complete waste of money.

Call Tracking

Some of the tools that we use are call tracking, so what we like to do is track every single phone call that comes in to the business. Ideally we put a dynamic call tracking number on the website. That way each individual user that makes a phone call gets a different phone number. By showing them a different phone number, we know exactly which user triggered the call. By knowing the user, I know which campaign they came in through. The other thing we can do is separate out last click attribution from original click attribution.

Click Attribution

So let me break that down for you. What I mean by that is last click attribution is the last thing that they did before they made a purchase. I attribute that campaign with the visit. Let’s give an example. If somebody saw an ad that you were running on Facebook and came to your website but did not purchase, they left your website and came back a week later and made a purchase. But when they came back, instead of coming through Facebook, they came from google search. Which one of those campaigns actually drove that sale?

Was it the last click or the first click that purchaser made? Well they are both important actually. But I would really like to know whether or not my Facebook campaign was effective and generating more awareness that then brought that customer back later. I would like report, and what we do today is implement some very sophisticated marketing software that allows us to tie back the original time that a visitor came to my website. We know exactly when they came to the website first. When they do identify themselves by making the purchase, I can connect the dots between the final purchase and the first time they visited us.

So now we know the entire life cycle. and we can report back, last click attribution and initial awareness, or first click attribution.

Those are just 2 methodologies that we use to report to clients how we are performing as an agency and which campaigns are performing which ones are winners, which ones are dogs.