How Small Businesses Can Win In SEO

Can a small business compete with a large conglomerate? I was at a conference recently and I heard an answer from a speaker that I absolutely hated. The answer was “Stay hyper local and try to win your battles accordingly.”

I just don’t accept that. What if you want business from a slightly larger audience? Here’s the trick. Go deeper than any of your larger competitors would ever dare to do. Let’s look at the travel industry, for example. Big brands, like Expedia, are wide. Look at where your margins are the highest and start creating content that is so compelling Expedia and others will never compete with you.

Another thing to remember is that you’re a CEO. You can pick up your phone at any time and reach out to other CEO’s and C-level executives and work on content and SEO deals that can truly benefit both companies.

Don’t ever forget, even if you are a small giant, you are still a giant. There are many things you can do from an SEO strategy standpoint that will get your content out there.