Law Firm Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies For Lawyers

First Impressions Make A Difference

Look at these startling facts from The National Law Review:

  • Almost 96% of those who contact an attorney go on to hire one.
  • Almost 75% of those who hire a lawyer, hire the first one they contact.

Not having an effective law firm marketing strategy that includes legal digital marketing tactics and a great website can mean you’re left sitting on the sidelines while other attorneys have already entered the game.

Law Firm Marketing | Web Development

Polish Up Your Online Presence

To attract new clients, attorneys and law firms must have a polished online presence that is optimized to perform. Law firms must have websites that can stand up to the competition and win in search engine results and mobile device performance.

Simply hanging out a shingle – which in 2019 means building a website then going about your business—isn’t enough to remain competitive.  To be discovered and to bring in new clients, law firms and lawyers must be savvy Internet marketers or hire a professional law firm marketing agency, if they themselves not have the time to take care of the internet marketing needs.

Mary Anne Beatty Law Firm Site After Redesign

Strong Internet Marketing

When your law firm has strong online marketing, you will:

  • Beat your online competition each time there is a search for your legal services;
  • Create useful, engaging content that stimulates and informs readers;
  • Have a website that is easy to use on any device;
  • Cultivate and protect your online reputation; and
  • Be present and relevant on social media.

Having an optimized web and mobile presence, personalized content, a structured social media strategy, and reputation and listing management will set you apart from other attorneys who are vying for the same clients.

Globe Runner is an award-winning digital law firm marketing agency that helps attorneys convert traffic into clients. And we do it while closely adhering to the Texas Bar Association’s Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. We understand digital marketing for law firms, and will take the time to learn exactly how you and your firm are unique. Then we create a customized, digital legal marketing strategy for you. That’s what we do.

Using a national, digital law firm marketing agency means you’re still one of thousands. Globe Runner understands you’re one of a kind.



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