Old World, New Frontiers: Client Celebrates Holiday Success

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, gratitude has been on my mind a lot lately. While the list of things I am grateful for is extensive, working with amazing, local companies run by incredible people is pretty high on the list. I wanted to take a little bit of time out of my day to say thanks to one of our partners here at Globe Runner, so I made my way to Old World Stoneworks.

Old World Stoneworks is a pioneer in the cast stone fireplace mantel industry that began in Dallas over twenty years ago. Yellow, red, and brown leaves lined the streets of the gorgeous Vickery Place neighborhood on my drive there. General manager Mike Jung and his company have a breathtaking storefront that displays what you should expect when ordering a cast stone fireplace mantel with them.

I got a chance to sit down and talk with Mike about some of the exciting projects him and his company recently wrapped up. Their artisan stonework was featured on the long-running home improvement show “This Old House” on PBS, and the episode will air this season. The showrunners reached out to Mike about installing one of their fireplaces for the house in Arlington, Massachusetts they were renovating. Another exciting development is a partnership with La Madeleine to do cast stone fireplace mantels for some of their locations such as the restaurants in Austin and Fort Worth.

One of the collaborative efforts between Old World and Globe Runner was the updated platform of their website. They sought to make it more retail friendly and Mike told me, “We are excited from a business perspective to see how e-commerce does” in 2017 and beyond.

Old World prides itself on designing and creating their mantels locally. The production of the fireplaces are all done in the Dallas suburb of McKinney. The passion for the product that the entire team shares was infectious. On days like these I can’t help but express how thankful I am thankful for the privilege to work with companies like Old World Stoneworks. I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, too.