Pinterest for Dads

When most people consider the social media platform Pinterest, they typically think of a decidedly female demographic. And that’s not unreasonable; the majority of Pinterest users are, in fact, women. But interestingly enough, Pinterest has reported that around 42% of American dads use the site, as well.

In today’s video, we’ll explore this surprising statistic. Spoiler alert: it can be attributed primarily to the fact that more and more millennial guys are becoming fathers. Men of that generation are typically more involved with child-rearing and housekeeping duties than their progenitors, necessitating the need (and desire) for research in these areas. Pinterest-savvy dads often search for many of the same things that their wives, girlfriends, and other female peers do: cooking techniques, cleaning tips, and DIY Instructables. A father may not be particularly interested in creating a cutesy scrapbook or assembling centerpieces for a garden party, but he might be intrigued by instructions for building a child-sized playhouse or a recipe for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

The bottom line? Don’t assume that you should completely discount Pinterest as an effective marketing platform just because your product or service is aimed at men. You may wind up denying yourself access to a significant number of “dear old dads” that would be very interested in what you have to offer.