Top Three Social Media Strategies for Small Business

Social media can be a valuable tool for your small business, if you make sure to develop a value proposition for your customer. People lead busy lives. Spending time on your business Facebook page is the last thing on their mind—unless they get some sort of value out of their interaction. If customers see that what you offer has real value, they will not only spend time on your site, but they will pass on your information to their friends.

Include Exclusive Offers

The most common and effective way to utilize social media is to provide valuable content, or to present special and exclusive offers to followers and fans. The more exclusive and immediate the offer, the more powerful! “Facebook fans can get a free coffee today only by mentioning this offer!” is a much stronger incentive than “We have a special running this month.” Your offer should immediately drive people to your store, be it your website or physical location, and encourage them to regularly check your updates on the social media platforms.

Provide Valuable Information

A second common tactic is the distribution of valuable information. For example, a home improvement store might regularly post “how to” and “do-it-yourself” tips. Globe Runner’s Twitter account frequently includes posts about technology news, as well as links to informative blog posts and videos that Globe Runner followers may find interesting. Providing valuable “insider” information can help to make you an authority on certain topics, especially in a specialty field, and can be very effective in generating referral business.

Organize Local Events

A third technique: If your business has a physical location, (i.e. a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or even a retail store,) you can use social media profiles to organize live events, meet ups, or special happy hours. You can coordinate local events, as well as sponsor existing social media organizations or fan groups who are interested in your business’ subject matter. This can create loyalty among your existing customers, and serve as an incentive for them to mention your business or service to others.

These strategies can sometimes be used in conjunction with one another: you might organize a special event where there will be an exclusive offer, for example. The key to a successful social media campaign is to ensure that visitors to your site or social media page can clearly see the value you offer.