14 Must-have Marketing Tools for Your Digital Toolbox

Since the birth of simple machines, man has been building. As the world has become more wired, we’ve taken to constructing online. The instruments we use to form our creations have also changed. If you’re thinking of assembling an effective marketing strategy in 2018, make sure you fill your digital toolbox with these SEO and PPC tools.

SEO Tools

1. Screaming Frog

Duplicate data and broken links can sink your site. Screaming Frog is a well-known crawler tool that will scan up to 500 pages for free, alerting you of missing meta data, missing alt tags, auditing your redirects, etc.

2. Moz

One site, two services. Moz Pro is a lesson in SEO best practices like link building, google rankings, and content marketing. Moz Local handles SEO listings so you are more likely to show up in searches that pertain to your city.

3. Ahrefs

You can learn a lot from your competition. The big data compiled by Ahrefs shows you their backlinks, helps with keyword research, and allows you see what’s working for your industry.

4. Majestic

Search engine marketing is big business. Majestic gives you the tools you need for proper link intel. It has some PR peppered in, too. The SEO Backlink Checker and inbound links come with summary data that shows the authority and impact of each.

5. Mailshake

All hail email marketing. If you don’t have a huge listserv built, this cold email outreach tool can help. They have professional email templates for all your sales and marketing collateral. For about $20/month they’ll also let you automate scheduled follow ups and replies. Want to track clicks and open rates? They do that, too.

6. Hunter.io

On the flip side, if you want to focus on growing your electronic mailing list, Hunter helps you search out and verify the necessary email addresses.

7. VWO

Want to see which email subject lines or web copy is resonating with potential customers? This conversion optimization program supplies pertinent data regarding visitor research. It’ll also let you perform A/B testing so you can put out the most potent messages about your brand.

8. Spyfu

If you want to know which keywords your competitors are using to draw away your potential customers, this tool will let you download them directly—for free! Capitalize on their successes and avoid their mistakes with these key insights.

PPC Tools

1. Bing Ads Editor

Google may get a lot of airtime, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the massive audience using Bing. Bing Ads Editor helps you speak directly to 5-10% of the market share that’s up for grabs. Manage ads, track your edits, and create killer PPC campaigns.

2. AdWords Editor

This software helps you manage your PPC accounts and edit your paid search campaigns on Google. The more accounts you have and the broader their individual scopes, the more essential it is.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Use this Google keyword tool during the planning phase of your pay-per-click campaign in Adwords. Features include monthly or yearly search volume calculators to see what users are asking and location targeting to give you an estimate of impressions for a specific area. It’ll also tell you what the competition is like and how much you want to budget for each keyword.

4. AdWords Performance Grader

Google will even grade how well your PPC campaign will perform. They put it through more than 40 checks, providing you additional management tools like A/B ad testing along the way. AdWords Performance Grader also comes with customizable reports of your audits so you can show your team what’s working.

5. Supermetrics

To help with monthly reporting, Supermetrics allows you to upload cost data from Bing Ads and Facebook ads into Google Analytics Cost Analysis report. Google Analytics connects to Google Adwords and pulls in your advertising spend, but does not do this for other channels; so measuring success showing “cost” out of the box is limited. Supermetrics automated this process for you to see paid media channels performance with “spend” data in Google Analytics.

6. SEMrush

And the competitor research just keeps coming! Get a look at their organic traffic, social media engagement, PPC campaigns, and even video ads. Use the entire suite to inform you of your own successful online marketing campaigns.

7. Dialog Tech

Believe it or not, phone calls still have their place in online marketing. The trick is to be able to track them. As audiences respond to your digital marketing or PPC campaigns Dialog Tech gives helps you handle call attribution and offers insights to help you optimize the customer experience.

Digital marketing trends change quickly, but the pillars of success remain the same. Keep an eye on what’s being done in your industry and continue hammering away with these online marketing tools.


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