5 Ways to Personalize Your Website and Boost your CRO

All humans like to feel seen, valued, and dare I say, special. It’s one reason why targeting is such a huge part of effective marketing. Try to capture the attention of everyone, and you’re unlikely to impress anyone.

If you’ve been unknowingly – or willfully – gearing your web content toward an unspecified, broad audience, it’s time to get personal. Your CRO (conversion rate optimization) depends on it.

Think about it. Your target audience is bombarded daily with tens of thousands of ads that are all but screaming at them for a sliver of their fragmented attention. Successful brands know how to treat their websites like a handwritten love letter personally addressed to their ideal customers and clients.

Here’s how to break through the noise and capture the mind of your potential customer by personalizing your website.

  1. Stick the landing (page) by personalizing it. Load your landing page up with unnecessary details, and you’re likely to lose a user’s interest, quickly. Repeat information they already know, same story. To get the conversions you’re after, you need personalized messaging. That’s what ultimately turns browsers into buyers. Keep your text, short, sweet, and with a personal beat. Try adding a personalized CTA to the bottom of your copy and see how it impacts your conversion rate optimization. Something as simple as “Greetings, Googler! We appreciate you searching for Dallas SEO Companies. Here’s a free case study to show our gratitude. Enjoy!”
  2. Show some emotion. Emotions are the one thing we all have in common. They’ve evolved over eons to help us navigate the wilds of life. Today, the more you can relate on an emotional or personal level, the more likely you are to convert prospects into purchasers. Your messaging should center around positive sentiments that inspire confidence or evoke nostalgia. Show them you understand their pain points and tell them how you’ll swoop in to make the fix with the click of your CTA button. Here are some more examples of emotional marketing done well.
  3. Make your content buyer-specific. Read: time to bust out your buyer personas. Before you ever sit down to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) pull out your personas and review their preferences. Pretend you’re writing to Erin Sanchez, young professional who loves cats, not 22 to 32-year-old females. It’ll help make your content more pointed and personal. While you’re at it, make sure the copy itself is broken up into bite-sized pieces that Erin, or any other reader, can easily take in. The larger your text blocks, the less likely she is to wade through them. Instead of straining her eyes, get to the point quickly, and make your ask as obvious as possible, as soon as possible.
  4. Speak to them through videos. The importance of video marketing is present on a lot of fronts. None so much as its ability to increase your conversion rate optimization. Users are likely to spend loads more time on a website with video. Be it product videos or video blog content, including vids can improve a customer’s chances of buying by up to 64%-85%. It’s a no-brainer way to literally speak directly to your target audience in a highly personal way. In fact, we do it every week! In essence, the more visually you can show off your products or get customers comfortable with the folks who’ll be performing your services, the better. Have your CEO speak, or better yet, let them hear from the rest of your staff, so they get to know the everyday people behind the brand!
  5. Provide local specials. What better way to connect than by addressing them on the home front? With geo-targeting, you can use available technology to post content that’s specific to the locales of your ideal consumer. While you’re at it, don’t forget to bring these changes directly to the hands of your customers. In other words, ensure all your content is mobile ready or be prepared to get left behind.

We live in a world where digital and personal are seemingly at odds. All the more reason to tailor-make your online spaces personalized. Not only will it help you stand out from the competition and improve your CRO, it’ll show you understand your customer, creating the long-term relationship that leads to brand loyalty.

Want some help writing your personals? Let us pen some compelling, personalized content to help you make contact!