5 Ways to Re-fuel Your Brand and Rocket to The Top

Everyone, from fortune 1000 companies like Apple and McDonald’s all the way up to companies in industries like high fructose corn syrup, finds it necessary to revamp from time to time. Even creative agencies like Globe Runner, who recently went through a repositioning of its brand, know when it’s time to make a perceptible shift.

Like with any of us, as your organization grows and changes, your image needs to transform with it. Refreshing and re-fueling your brand prevents rote sales messages from overshadowing the core values your customers truly connect with.

Looking to recapture that “magic” that made your company so special in the beginning? See how these five rebrand strategies can rocket your business to success.

Why Rebrand?

If you think branding is simply a matter of redoing your logo, you’re missing the point of a rebrand (and maybe the point of your brand entirely). It’s not just about how your company is perceived externally, although that is part of it.

Rebrands are for companies in or approaching a transition. The transit can be brought on by a variety of factors including:

  • mergers or acquisition
  • introduction of a new product
  • entry into a new channel
  • employee turnover
  • change in ownership
  • breakdown in the company’s culture
  • realization that the brand has lost its original focus

More than anything, your brand is your identity. It encompasses your company core, hinges largely on values and goes far beyond what it looks and sounds like. This one move can help you move away from doctoring sales and towards creating true customer loyalty.

  1. Start by Asking Questions

Have a loose brainstorming session with both seasoned and green members of your team. Those who have been around a while can give insight to the company’s roots. Newer employees may be able to offer a fresh perspective. You can also do a customer poll to get an idea of how folks are (or aren’t) relating to your brand. Listen closely to glean valuable information about their true feelings about your company and see if they can rightfully detect your core values. If not, start there.

  1. Understand Where You Began

Your brand is unique, so is its backstory. Take some time to highlight the values that formed the foundation of your company. Then, make sure those are front and center in both your internal and customer-facing communications.

  1. Know Where You’re Headed

You likely have a lot of smart people under your employ. Gather insights from all departments to help piece together the current state of your brand verses where you’d like to go. Map out where you are and where you want to be before you start your rebrand.

  1. Approach from an Emotive Place

Differentiate your brand by connecting with customers on an emotional level.  When a company and customer share the same values and beliefs, the brand is permanently elevated and differentiated from its competitors.

  1. Create a Little Intrigue

Leaving a bit to the imagination has always been an alluring way to capture one’s attention. Give customers just enough to wet their palate, encouraging them to dig a little deeper and unlock the full mystery of your brand. You could start by reeling them in with a catchy tagline or simple, yet tantalizing design. Just make sure you have an equally compelling brand story and dynamic team or product to back it up.

In the end, a rebrand has several moving pieces and parts. These five steps are only the beginning. One thing we always convey to our clients is that it’s very rare for a brand to be completely “broken.” Instead, we operate under the mindset that you can accomplish a lot with a little rediscovery and recognition of how powerful it really is. From there, it’s simply a matter of packaging it accordingly.

If you’d like some help executing an out-of-this-world rebrand, we’d love to partner up and re-fuel that engine.

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