6 Best Podcasts Business Owners Should be Listening to

For a digital marketing agency, we sure do talk a lot about radio, especially podcasts.

Last week, we were practically pushy about the ways starting a podcast can boost your business and improve your SEO ranking. So, have you recorded one yet? Great! Let us know where to subscribe.

If, however, you’re still in the research phase of your podcast journey, this post has come to your aid. Or, maybe you’re simply looking for a way to grow your knowledge base, but can’t seem to find the time for books or seminars. Good thing pods are portable and marvelous for multitasking.


We’ve taken the guesswork out of your search for the best of the earbuds. Ahead is a concentrated mix of six podcasts from businesses small and large that we consider to be compulsory.

1. The Introvert Entrepreneur

Hosted by:Beth Buelow
Episode Length:Up to 45 minutes

What to know about the show:

We live in a world that values extroversion, silencing the gifts and talents of those on the other side of the coin. The Introvert Entrepreneur gives the floor to introverts-turned-successful-business-owners. Bigwigs like Inc. and Entrepreneur have recognized the pod on ‘best of’ lists and the show focuses on a range of relatable topics like leadership and personal growth.

2. Being Boss

Hosted by: Emily Thompson + Kathleen Shannon
Episode Length: 10-minute minisodes to 1 hour or more
Subscribe on: https://beingboss.club

What to know about the show:

Want to launch a brand or be your own boss? These business besties are here to help. The show has been downloaded more than 5 million times – and for good reason. It hosts global guests like Brene Brown and Marie Forelo, media like Forbes and Huffington Post listen, too. Basically, if you want your passion to start earning you a paycheck, tune in and level up.

3. Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin

Hosted by: Seth Godin
Episode Length: About 20 minutes
Subscribe on: https://www.akimbo.me

What to know about the show:

Yes, that Seth Godin. Post Purple Cow fame, he’s gone on to continually inspire millions with his blog writing. Now, he lends his voice to help game changers who want to shift entire cultures. Named after an ancient word meaning “bend,” the podcast promises to aid those aiming to make a difference in the world. Looking for a more traditional scoop from Seth? Check out his other show, Seth Godin’s Start Up School.

4. Online Marketing Made Easy

Hosted by: Amy Porterfield
Episode Length: 30-45 Minutes
Subscribe on: https://www.amyporterfield.com/amy-porterfield-podcast/

What to know about the show:

If you want to simplify your understanding of this complicated field, Amy Porterfield’s podcast promotes just that. Whether you run an ecommerce store, or just need a few tried and true tips to monetize your brand, Online Marketing Made Easy has you covered. Her digital marketing strategies touch on everything from email segmentation and engaging drip campaigns to social media best practices and business blogging.

5. School of Greatness

Hosted by: Lewis Howes
Episode Length: An hour or more
Subscribe on: https://lewishowes.com/sogpodcast/
What to know about the show:

What could a former pro athlete know about making it in the business world? Turns out, a lot. School of Greatness is a top-rated podcast, hosting greats to bring out the greatness in you. Howes is a New York Times best-selling author who’s broadcasting his message of empowerment to help you reach new heights in your career and in your life. Cozy up to guests like Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington for a serious dose of inspiration.

6. Marketing School

Hosted by: Neil Patel & Eric Siu
Episode Length: 5-10 Minutes
Subscribe on: https://marketingschool.io
What to know about the show:

For the time deprived, search marketing specialists Neil Patel and Eric Siu offer actionable, digestible small business marketing know-how. Each episode of their pod, Marketing School, is just 5 to 10 minutes each. They waste no time bringing you marketing tips you can implement straight away. It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s strategic, it’s Marketing School.

From overcoming your introversion to mastering online marketing, these six entrepreneur podcasts, make it easy to listen while you work.

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