Should you Start a Podcast for your Business?

Once upon a time, it was all about campfires not TVs, social media, or even radio that held us captive. The stories told around the fire helped shape entire cultures and solidify communities.

As the oldest form of education, storytelling lives on in our consciousness and the ancient art continues to form indelible tenets of our modern world. It predates writing and still manages to stay distinct and relevant after all these centuries.

podcast recording

In their most recent chapter, stories have found a new home. Through podcasts, they can now venture to far away lands, go back in time, and project into the future. They can travel by invisible magic, radiating through headphones or car speakers.

Audiences hungrily devour them whole. With their insatiable appetite for information and good storytelling, podcasts are consumable content with the rare ability to practically hypnotize your target audience.

In a world of shrinking attention spans, there’s never been a better time for high-quality audio content. Looking for a new way to promote your business? These podcast tips will help your brand story take center stage.

Why your Business Should Start a Podcast 

  1. Audiences will follow the sound of your voice. Reading is a silent activity – one that rarely, if ever, conveys your point with the inflection you wrote it. That’s because reading happens in our head, and the writer is often cast in our own voice. True, we’re big proponents of creating a discernible brand voice with your copy. But there’s something incredibly personal about speaking into someone’s ear. It captures their attention and hearts, beckoning them to trail your words like a crumb-lined path.
  2. It’s easy to digest and recall them. Podcasts can be consumed while tending to life’s myriad demands. They can co-pilot a drive to work, be someone’s sous chef in the kitchen, or take the place of a workout buddy. No need to stop, focus and devote swaths of time most of us don’t have. Information told in storytelling formats is also shown to aid memory and, done right, can increase CRO.
  3. Podcasts have multiple distribution channels. If you have a Mac, you know that iTunes search results often populate before you ever finish typing a query into Safari. Google Play, Sticher, iHeartRadio, and even Soundcloud are all examples of other podcast hosting platforms that are happy to help you get the word out. There are a number of other distribution strategies, including keyword and SEO optimization, which can promote your podcast organically.
  4. The market isn’t saturated with storytellers. At least not yet. Shows like Serial have only just recently really put podcasts on the map. We’re just starting to see the swell before the tsunami. Now’s the time to build your audience and get them hooked on your commendable content before the sea becomes so large it drowns out your brand voice.
  5. They won’t blow your marketing budget. All you need are a host and a mic to get started. For less than $75, you can find a piece of recording equipment and editing software to help broadcast your message to the masses. What’s more, a podcast can bring in enough leads and sales to quickly pay for itself.

For as long as there’s been language, there have been stories. Use podcasts to share tales with your target audience for a happily ever after.

This doesn’t have to be the end! If you need help casting yourself into the world of podcasts, we can help your journey.