A Voyage in Brand Rediscovery

Say you wanted to travel from New York to Dallas. You wouldn’t hop a plane that didn’t specify a destination in hopes you’d eventually end up in DFW. You’d take considerable effort to ensure you got home as efficiently as possible.

Business branding works similarly.

To keep your company growing toward your long-term goals, your brand needs a focused direction. Lose sight of it or get off course and the delays could be significant.

As one of Dallas’s best creative marketing firms, we understand that enduring success is a voyage in discovering and rediscovering your brand. All aboard!

Rebranding Basics

At its core, branding is more experiential than anything. When thinking about your brand, it’s important to first consider how your customers will relate to the story you’re telling.

As we’ll see, it’s also critical to consider whether your company values make them want to connect. Down the line, you and your creative branding agency can decide the best ways to ensure your target audience is moved by the aesthetics and overall tone of your digital brand.

Finding Your Why

When we set out to consult on a rebrand, we start by peppering our clients with questions. Then, we listen. It’s a process of unearthing the relationship with emotion behind a company to see how that is or is not being reflected in the brand.

The most important question is pinpointing why you’re considering a rebrand at all. It might involve revisiting the mission statement, or there might be a new goal driving the rebranding project. Maybe there’s a problem or unexpected change that has the company pivoting.

In any event, get clear on your why before you plot your course. Strategize by asking questions like:

  • Is our branding aligned with our current story?
  • Who is our customer base and how has it evolved?
  • How does our current customer base engage with our brand?
  • What’s our employee turnover like?
  • Are we using product innovation or new sales channels to help us in the competitive landscape?
  • Has a merger or acquisition changed our ownership or shifted our focus?


To rebrand or not to rebrand, that is the question. But answering a few others can’t hurt. In fact, it could keep you from engaging in an unnecessary rebrand altogether. If you do decide to move forward, your why can help you explore which strategies are right for your rebrand.

Value First

We’re huge proponents of value-based marketing. Strong company values are the foundation of a successful business—and effective branding.

It all starts by understanding and rediscovering your company’s unique values. Then it’s about sharing those stated values consistently across all platforms and bringing them to the forefront of your internal and customer-facing communications.

Done right, a digital branding agency will help you imbue the true value of your brand in the redesign of your logo, messaging, core values, mission, etc.

Brand 360 Strategy

Brand strategy is a communicative and collaborative process. The more information you can gather from within and outside your company, the more clear your direction will become. Whether you embark on a rebrand because of a breakdown in company culture or in an effort to reinvigorate the magic you started with, listen more than you talk– at least at first.

We believe brands are rarely “broken,” they just need a more focused direction. If you want some help charting and rediscovering how powerful your brand really is, make contact.