Successful Brands Lead with Core Values

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Your company is more than the products or services you sell. It’s about the people you serve and the principles you stand by. Enduring businesses know this. That’s why successful brands lead with and stand by a set of well-crafted core values.

With these values as the foundation, they build companies distinct from the competition, who are aligned with their target audience and that make a difference.

But it’s more than simply communicating a strong value-based message. It’s about demonstrating it. Let’s take a look at how successful brands are leading the charge with strong company values.

What is Values-Based Marketing?

There’s nothing more unique, and quite frankly marketable, than a company’s individual values. Differentiating these can help position a brand far above the competition. Drafting your messaging in alignment with these overarching principles is the essence of value-based marketing.

Make sure each value is sustainable enough to carry you through the long-term, but flexible enough it can be shifted as the market ebbs.

To give you an idea of the kinds of relevant core values that resonate with customers, here’s an overview of the words and work Globe Runner lives by:

  • Play to Win
  • Be the Spark
  • Lead with Integrity
  • Own the Work
  • Put Clients First
  • Never Stop Learning

Distilling these core values into a workable mission statement is the best way to gain traction.

What’s in an effective mission statement?

More than any other function, the mission statement makes clear the purpose of your business. When drafting, focus on demonstrating what you do, who you are, who you serve and how you do it.

It can and should be simple, so long as it effectively addresses why you exist at all and what you’re striving toward. (Usually outlined by a long-term goal.)

This is not to be confused with a company vision statement, which is more directed toward how you plan to impact the community at large.

Used together, a mission and vision statement serve as guideposts for success. They keep the company focused, serving as a litmus test for decision-making and action taking.

Start by hearing out your leadership team. Let them wax poetic about why the company was started and where it’s headed.

At Globe Runner, we started by making note of how we dedicate ourselves to customers, what experience we bring to the table and how we innovate based on the market.

The result? A three-part mission statement hinged on our guiding core values first, branding second.

Values Before Branding

Values-based marketing puts your purpose at the core of what you do and sets the framework for your branding. Not the other way around.

Done right, it taps into the emotions that drive consumer decisions and turns buyers into advocates. That meaningful brand connection is at the heart of what more than 87% consumers report that they look for when shopping, according to a 2014 Edelman brandshare survey.

Making this shift from product-pushy to customer-committed creates a lasting impression that can carry a sale from initial engagement to loyal customer.

In the end, attention is fleeting. Innate values usually aren’t.

Need help prioritizing and promoting your core values? Globe Runner is an expert at executing effective rebrands that do just that. We’d love to partner up and re-fuel you for success.

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