.Best Vs .Com Sponsored Study: Which Domain is King?

With over 100 million .COM names registered (and counting) some businesses are finding it exceedingly difficult and more expensive to find competitive edge in SEO and SEM.

With most meaningfulĀ .COMs taken, businesses are spending more to drive traffic to their domains.

Our team wanted to research how keyword-rich new gTLD domain names affected the SEM value of an online property. In other words, would naming a domain with a new gTLD (in this case, .BEST) rather than the traditional .COM have a positive statistical impact on a website?

Based on our testing and research of a series of domains on Google throughout May 2016 (testing which included hundreds of keywords and thousands of impressions), Globe Runner arrived at the conclusion that the .BEST domain conferred a tangible benefit over the .COM domain in online advertising efforts.

As pictured below, utilizing a .BEST domain boosted results both in cost and clicks.


Our research shows that you can save money and reduce your cost per lead by using one of the new gTLD domain names.

Particularly in the moving industry, the .BEST domain name allowed us to save dollars-per-click within Google AdWords. In the long-term, after thousands of clicks, this price difference would make for significant savings.

If you’d like to know more about the sponsored study, download our report and compare the results between .Best and .Com domains.