Burger King Insta Stories

Online ordering is the way of the future. Whether it’s through apps or desktop websites, more and more eateries are now offering consumers ways to assemble a meal, pay for it online, and either have it delivered to their door or be ready for pickup at a store within the hour. Not all eateries offer this kind of service, of course; many still require customers to either call in their orders or simply drop by in-person. But restaurants that DON’T allow people to obtain food with a few keystrokes or screen taps definitely run the risk of being left behind. How comfortable are you with online ordering? Does your company offer it for the goods and services that it provides?

In this video, we discuss a special promotion that was run jointly by Burger King and Instagram in Spain. Spanish burger-lovers were able to use polls on their Instagram Stories to customize their perfect Whopper, adding and subtracting ingredients as they saw fit. But this wasn’t just an exercise in opinion gathering. After sharing their ideas for their ideal sandwich, customers could then go to their local restaurant and enjoy their one-of-a-kind Whopper…for free! By the end of the event, Burger King had given away over 30,000 hamburgers, and they’d engaged with even long-time customers in a way that was fun and revolutionary.

Small businesses eager to get on track with online ordering systems would be wise to keep an eye on Instagram. This social media giant has already experimented with an in-app payment system, meaning that it could one day be a viable platform for virtual shopping. Folks who adore Instagram will likely welcome this additional use for the application…and people who just like the speed and convenience of e-commerce will be happy for the opportunity to expand their horizons.