Blogging Your Brand: Bring it Back Home

Websites can be expensive. Adding a blog to an existing website can seem a little daunting. It’s all too easy to say “Hey, why don’t I just sign up for and then use that for my blog?”

I understand the logic there, and sure, on the surface it seems like a free blog would be the best kind: turnkey blogging services like LiveJournal, Tumblr and Blogger are great for people just dipping their toes into writing on the web. However, for business purposes, there are several reasons why these just don’t work for your brand.

•    You’re at the whim of a third party. If your blogging platform decides to plaster banner ads at the top of your blog, there’s nothing you can do about it. If their favicon changes into a pinecone, you’re stuck with it. You have control over your blog’s seamless design integration with your website ONLY if it’s actually integrated with your website.
•    You become a subdomain or subfolder on someone else’s website. You lose the cache attached to blogging on your own domain, and if your content goes viral, all those links get pointed to someone else’s website, whose links may or may not be passing juice to your actual website. All that work for a little brand recognition, but no guaranteed site traffic.
•    With a self-hosted blog, you have access to all the back-end development you need to make necessary changes to your blog for seamless design integration and search optimization. Based on which content management system you use, you can also add widgets and plugins that customize both the user interface and the outward appearance of your blog for a truly unique new face of your company’s brand.

There are several ways to easily set up your blog on your domain and get writing again in the same day. WordPress is an open source content management system and installs with Fantastico or manually. Also, it’s free! Don’t let time or cost be a factor keeping you from taking on a truly professional company blog.

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