Branding: Globe Runner updates brand mark, corporate identity

IN a nod to the times and surging demand for SEO services, Globe Runner unveiled its new logo, part of a branding and corporate identity refreshing exercise that started in May 2014. The new brand was produced by upcoming Texan design shop Steadfast Creative.

The rebranding was prompted by unprecedented demand for strategic SEO services, particularly in the booming DFW market. Globe Runner is poised to meet its 2014 revenue targets by the third quarter of the year. The bump in business, which began in March, has forced the agency to seek larger premises. It will be moving to a new office in Addison, Texas in September.

“It was time,” commented Globe Runner CEO Eric McGehearty about the branding exercise. “Our clients are upping their game, and so should we.” The new logo is a clean orange maze forming a G. “It’s a minimalist play on the globe that is part of our name; at the same time it references our agency’s mission of getting to the heart of clients’ online issues,” said McGehearty.

Before and after Globe Runner logo branding

Before and after: Globe Runner’s original logo had a gradient globe and the company name wrapping around the sphere. Steadfast Creative retained the gray and orange color scheme, while creating a new maze-like G as the icon.

The agency is slowly rolling out the different elements of the new identity, starting with its website, social media platforms and business cards. All touch points will carry the new branding by the end of 2014.

Globe Runner was started in 2008 by Eric and Heather McGehearty out of Lewisville, Texas. It has over 60 local, national and international clients in North America, the UK, Brazil and Malaysia. Among Globe Runner’s DFW clients are Sylvie Collection, Terry Costa, Jefferson Dental, Coach Posting, Skylane Autohaus, Old World Stoneworks, AgeWait and NICMAXX Online.

Globe Runner employs 20 full- and part-time staff specializing in SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content strategy and development, branding, and social media.

The agency’s core competency is SEO, for which it consistently ranks on page 1 of Google for searches relevant to Dallas. Among Globe Runner’s artillery is Senior SEO Strategist Bill Hartzer, a nationally recognized expert on search engine optimization who has practiced, written about and presented on SEO since 1996.