Eric McGehearty


The first challenge Globe Runner dealt with was the fact that there hadn’t been a huge emphasis on digital marketing within the company prior to 2014, and therefore there wasn’t a lot of data to play with and help with iteration. That meant that tracking was slower at first, but over time, analytics has showed significant increases in traffic compared to previous years.


Globe Runner launched an updated website at and added updated contact forms with optimized call to actions, all of which helped to push the needle on organic traffic.

On the paid side, Globe Runner has been tracking leads and compiling a list of leads generated through AdWords. As this is a more recent effort, an updated case study will be provided in the future that details our findings.


When comparing 2016 to 2015 (which was Staff One’s first full year with Globe Runner), the results are impressive:

18% increase in organic traffic

50% increase in total goals tracked on the website.

379% increase in home page contact form conversions

When comparing November 2016 to the previous year, similarly impressive results follow:

40% increase in organic traffic

350% increase in home page contact form conversions

Globe Runner was able to drive great increases in organic traffic by updating the client’s website and improving their messaging for contact forms and calls to action.

In conjunction with a healthy paid search process, these results have a measurable positive impact on our client’s business.


The results reported in this case study were through December 13, 2016. We fully expect growth to continue for Staff One. While Globe Runner conducted the research and laid out the strategy for success, our efforts would have been less successful were it not for the continued dedication and involvement of the Staff One team.

Their commitment to taking full advantage of all recommendations and seeing things through to completion has allowed their business to reap the full benefits of the strategy and ongoing guidance provided by Globe Runner.