Contact Form 7 – 4.4 Update Release is Controversial

Some news regarding our favorite contact form plugin.  You may start seeing new alert messages crawling across wordpress-backends asking to check contact form validation, and settings. Having a second look into what these messages mean for the website, and mean for you could be very important in the next few weeks.

This marks a departure in cf7’s previous programing policies to now attempting to try to help with you entering all the contact form settings properly.  Problem is, the community does not think its entirely perfected yet.
Configuration Error
The main focus is on email settings.  CF7 form fills often fool the server to make the email look like it’s coming from someone else.  Example, instead of clients getting an email from [email protected], the email looks like its from [email protected]
Settings Error
CF7 defaults to this method, but also marks through the validator as this is a problem.  Weird, huh?
They have decided to validate this way to help with client’s spam settings.  Making an email look like its from someone other than [email protected] can flag some spam settings.
Problem is, its often really nice to be able to immediately view email, and hit reply knowing the email will go directly to who filled it out.  The new method is to copy the email information, and start a new email fresh.
Confusing, isn’t it?
Work arounds to this are being worked on, and several new blog posts are popping up.  This link is beneficial:
Nothing is immediately wrong.  Just cf7 is trying to start to respond to many of their emails being marked as spammed.  Hang tight with this plugin while they make transition, and enable this validator to become more powerful.