Consciousness Takes Form at Gary Perrone’s Gallery 550 Exhibition

globe runner gallery
About once a quarter, Globe Runner, an Addison, Texas-based full-service agency, opens its doors to the public and offers all who enter a bit of culture.

Though no office is complete without a smattering of wall art, Globe Runner takes it a step further, using its space as a dedicated gallery. With a rotating cast of local talent on display, each show is unique and each opening event is grand.

This month was no exception.

Globe Runner’s November Artist Exhibition

Wednesday, November 1, Oak Cliff artist Gary Perrone joined Globe Runner and Addison’s finest to debut his recent collection. The cocktail party that followed was a welcomed celebration of his multilayered detail of the endless rhythm of thoughts and consciousness.

open bar gallery

Guests were served a beverage of their choice.
cookie art
A master of many mediums, Perrone offered his painted cookie samples to the crowd.

After a brief introduction by Globe Runner’s founder and own artist, Eric McGehearty, guests were free to ponder on the colorful chaos of thought in form.

eric and artist
McGehearty and Perrone stand in front of painting ‘Just Cause.’

We are pleased to host this important work and trust that the members of our Addison community were as moved as we were by Perrone’s exhibit.

To see more photos of the event, keep scrolling!

Perrone Ecstasy
Perrone explains the process behind ‘Ecstasy’

Perrone painting
‘Solitude’ (R) and ‘An American’ (L) keep watch over the office

Perrone painting

Art fans ponder ‘Escape’

Perrone art work

‘Static’ (L) and ‘Synesthesia’ (R) in review

perrone separation

The Contemplation of ‘Separation’

surf painting

Detail shot of ‘Surf’
shallows painting

The ‘Shallows’ stands alone

Perrone’s art will be on display at the Globe Runner offices until February 2018, when the next rotation is displayed.

Looking Back at Our Previous Exhibition

This past June, Globe Runner held an exhibition for our previous artist: Hilda LaFleur.