ICYMI: Globe Runner and Black Lab Creative Have Merged

Apologies for the delayed announcement, but Globe Runner has been busy teaching an old dog some new tricks. Back in January of this year, we acquired Dallas branding agency, Black Lab Creative, to help us take our clients’ brands and businesses to the next level.

The two agencies have a long collaborative history as well as a deep respect for the other’s knowledge base and online activation abilities.

Together, our new team members are helping us evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients. The big dogs from Black Lab come armed with a bag of tricks that help hone Globe Runner’s proven digital marketing capabilities. With our talented creative teams working together, we’re emboldened to provide a refined level of service for our clients and partners.

The past six months have been a creative tour de force and we’ve seen both our internal and client successes grow exponentially. The new team has been instrumental in putting our customers’ brands front and center. They’ve helped us focus on our commitment to maintaining creative consistency both online and offline. We’re also unified in our singular ambition: to take your business exactly where you want it to go.

fueling your brand

Our companywide goals remain the same and we’re all working together to generate awareness, leads and sales for your company, while delivering results – measurable results, with hard numbers. We’ll continue to work collectively and strategically, using the best parts of our two agencies to form a new and improved full-service marketing agency.

Make no mistake. We’re still the ever-evolving brand developing firm that provides a holistic solution to your marketing needs.

Though we’re continuing with our strong concentration on digital activation, we’re also committed to bolstering the emotional connections your brand has as well as the values that its loyal customers relate to, and the reasons they remain loyal to it.

It is in unison with these brand-centered emotional connections that we build our strategic digital applications. This helps us ensure each online and offline touch point is infused with an impactful and unmistakable creatively consistency.

With our new team in place, our digital and creative abilities are virtually limitless. We’ve strengthened our team, and are excited to continue bringing you a heightened version of the rebranding, SEO, PPC and digital marketing successes you’ve come to know and trust from Globe Runner.

The merger has been demonstrably successful because each new member believes that brands should never stop growing. They know it’s the people who make a brand great and that together, we can create the unthinkable.

In the end, it’s your brand, we’re just fueling it. Let’s strategize together.