A Texas Restaurant Association-inspired infographic

The Texas Restaurant Association’s annual Marketplace is one of the largest and most prominent food and beverage industry events in the Southwestern region of the United States. Over 300 exhibitors from the restaurant, food supply and food services sector will be at the trade show which will be held at the Dallas Convention Center on June 28 to 29, 2015.

Globe Runner will be exhibiting for the first time at Marketplace, and CEO Eric McGehearty will be speaking at the Technology Pavilion about how to improve your local search rankings. If you are at the event, do drop by our booth or attend Eric’s talks. We have a lot of experience in marketing, branding and SEO for the food and beverage sector, so feel free to pick our brains over these two days!

In the spirit of the occasion (and since Marketplace is making us think about food), we created this short infographic about Texan food stats and famous food brands. Feel free to share it or embed it in your own blog.

Texas food stats infographic

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