3 Quick Tips to Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy

by Samantha Arigapudi

Digital marketing has become the norm, replacing the term marketing altogether. As an evolved form of traditional marketing, digital marketing uses the web and digital channels to connect consumers with brands and brands with partners to help each other grow in this dynamic digital age. Digital touch points such as tablets, smartphones and wearable devices are becoming more ubiquitous around the world.

Reach your target audience with smart digital strategies

As the digital world changes with every new invention, app and upgrade, it can become a challenge to keep up with today’s digital marketing needs and outlets. Digital marketing however is a practice essential to modern marketing and here are some easy ways to help you improve your digital marketing.

#1 Focus on Customer Acquisition

“Content is king,” is a saying that’s foundational to digital marketing. Use content creatively to define your company and what you offer to acquire your target audience so they too can spread your creative word.

Before you start, set up acquisition goals for your digital marketing and create a timeline with goals working backwards from your end-goal. What steps do you need to take? Where can you improve your content? Have you identified your keywords and attractive links?

A must of digital marketing is to have web traffic and to gain traffic to your website, blog and e-commerce store. To do so, it’s important to share your content in a smart way. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine are all effective ways to draw a new crowd to your website, and other methods such as search and display may also help you optimize your media plan.

#2 Examine Your SEO

In 2014 until now, SEO’s impact has grown 29% for B2C brands. It is now just as important as email for a more positive ROI. Hiring an outside company to evaluate your SEO is a great way to see where you fall on the map in your industry and get a step-by-step list of how to improve your digital presence. Get a report that allows you to understand the quality of each of your website’s pages and how they compare with the quality of your competitors’ pages.

A good starting point for any SEO strategy is to first determine who you have to beat! Look at your competitors and do a thorough competitor analysis—what niches and keywords do they seem to be targeting? Do what your competitors are doing right to get in front of them on the search results page.

#3 Focus on Retention Rates

Customer retention has unique challenges of its own and to keep up, you need to react to your messaging. Where have your customers gone? Are competitors stealing your base?  Is your customer turned off by bland communications that are no longer personalized and engaging? Concentrate on the customers that are more likely to convert based on their positions in the buying cycle, which will improve your company’s digital-marketing efficiency.

Deliver the excellent experience customers expect by interacting with them through multiple digital outlets with engaging and more importantly, genuine content. Constantly reevaluating your overall digital marketing strategy is one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition, acquire new customers, retain your brand ambassadors and produce more personalized experiences.

What is your digital marketing tip?