AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP. Accelerated mobile pages. Now, this is super cool because it’s super fast. On the phone, I get so bogged down waiting for web pages to load and this is the solution to that problem. So, Google actually came out with this recently. It’s an open source structure and it’s a way of producing code that loads incredibly fast. And what AMP actually does, is it takes the code of your website, minimizes it, and then sends it through Google servers. It loads in less than a second.

So while a normal web page might load in 3-10 seconds, AMP loads instantly. And here’s the great part. We can bring AMP onto any website. So, what we’re doing with our clients is we’re moving all of our new builds, and we’re building them using AMP. Some of our legacy clients, we’re slowly adding AMP on to, as well. AMP is an incredible, powerful tool. And here’s the great thing. Not only do your users get onto your website faster, a couple of things happen. One, there’s a giant leap in conversions if we can reduce your page load speed, particularly on mobile. As soon as you cross 3 seconds, your conversion rate will drop through the floor. So if you can get that load speed under 3 seconds, which AMP, at 1 second, is well under, you will get a much better conversion rate.

The other thing is, Google will actually give you search ranking preference so you’ll rank better in mobile search if you’re AMP enabled. Google knows that the user wants a fast page, and they’re going to serve it up faster. Lastly, Google will mark it as an official AMP page on mobile search. You may have even seen it, it looks like a little lightning bolt. Keep your eye out for it, particularly on news and information-related searches. AMP is very common these days on some of the bigger news sites. So, if you haven’t heard of AMP, give me a call and let’s talk about it, I’d love to get it implemented for you. It’ll really speed up your site and speed up your performance.